Om Integrative Medicine

Philosophy & Methodology

Dr. Kapoor is committed to helping you achieve the best health you can possibly have. She will make every effort to help you overcome any barriers to gaining your optimal health equilibrium.

In return, she expects patient’s participation through compliance with treatment which often includes self-care, lifestyle and dietary changes. She hopes to enable each individual and looks forward to being a part of their journey towards health.

Dr. Kapoor’s methods of diagnosis in office are non-invasive, scientifically verifiable, and often bioenergetic in nature. Additionally, she uses extensive conventional and unconventional laboratory and radiographic testing to guide and confirm her in office assessment of each patient’s unique health situation.

Her treatments involves variety of therapies utilizing the least toxic, health-promoting options whenever possible. Her guiding principle is the maintenance of the human bio-system and its regulatory mechanisms naturally. She does not, however, hesitate to use allopathic prescriptions when appropriate and in the best interest of her patients. She also maintains a active referral network when necessary and works in collaboration with her patient’s team of health care providers.

Some of the treatment tools Dr. Kapoor utilizes are:

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